This is a post.

Well this is new.  I rarely ever actually want to do some sort of blogging crap.  I bought a composition book about a month ago but since it cramps my hand too much to write but not to type (heh), I decided that doing this would be better.  I just want a place to be able to express all the the random awesome shit that goes through my head.  I will just type up my first few blogs in my notebook as my first few posts.

Some things you can expect to see in this blog:

  • My wisdom.
  • My awesomeness.
  • Shit that I’m totally a fan of and ships (which may include shit that you’re offended by if you’re the offend-able type)
    • If you are, you really should reconsider your choice to read this.  I am not a very nice agreeable politically correct  person.
  • Seriously though.  This is my blog.  This is a place for me to speak my mind.  If you don’t like it, too bad.

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