Writing 101 – Day 1 Free Write

To get started, let’s loosen up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write.

And for your first twist? Publish this stream-of-consciousness post on your blog.

I ended up a little late in the Writing-101 gig.  It started Monday this week so this is what I am going to do today.  Monday’s prompt was about free-writing.  So for the next twenty minutes I will just continue to type out whatever garbage floats through my brain.  I apologize in advance.  No, I really do apologize.  x__x

So here I was, thinking about what I am going to post later on this week, and I come up with this idea to write fanfiction.  But then I was all like “pffft people don’t want to read anything like that!”  Then I realized who the fuck cares!  This is my personal little hole in the internet to do whatever the fuck I want to.  So if I want to write a little story about what it would be like if maybe Thor and Loki’s roles were switched and how each movie would pan out of that, then I can damn well write that!  (Btw I just made that up and actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea! XD)

Oh god, it’s only been a minute.  Why did I choose to do this.  I’ll write a story or something.  It’s going to be horrible because I’m not allowing myself to backspace or change anything unless it’s a spelling error.


In the beginning of the universe, there existed only a seed.  This seed was the beginning of life itself.  This seed, though small, contained the existence of the entire universe in itself and one day without warning, this seed sprouted.  This became the tree of life.  From her branches in place of leaves grew worlds.  Worlds that ranged in scope and imagination.  The tree grew strong and tall.  So many worlds came into existence and fed off the magical energy this tree provided.  Those worlds that were closer to her trunk became inhabited by many different intelligent creatures, as they had a closer link to the energies.

One of these worlds was the one that we all know.  Our world (Terra, Midgard, whatever you want to call it) is known as The Gateway.  From this world, you can create a path to any other on the tree of life.  It is thought that this world exists in the trunk itself, and all the worlds in the universe can be reached through pathways created.

There existed a creature that we know as an ant.  It has been said that these ants are all interconnected in this world.  All controlled by the mind of the tree of life.  It is small and insignificant enough that it can go by unnoticed if it wants, but in numbers it is mighty enough to do whatever it wishes.  It is how it keeps an eye on everything that goes on.  If in a particular world these creatures were to die, that branch would rot and break.  That world would cease to exist.

Wow I am really sorry you had to read that.   XD

Geez I still have like 6 minutes left.  My brother and his girlfriend are going to the homecoming dance at their school this weekend.  I hope she feels better before then though, she has a really horrible sinus infection.  I haven’t been feeling all that great myself, but that isn’t going to stop me from having a good time.  This coming Sunday I will be going to the local Renaissance Festival.  We’re going to leave from there and come home to watch the WWE pay-per-view.  My cousin has the subscription service so we get them every month.

I just paused writing for like 30 seconds because I have no idea what to talk about now.  I don’t think it was that bad of a story to just pull out of my ass like that.  And oh my lord I wrote something that really doesn’t have any bad language in it?  It’s a strike of miracles.

Phew, my 20 minutes is finally up.

> Until Next Time <


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