Idea for my Friday posts. (insert atempt at witty title here)

Oh man.  Really yesterday’s post should be enough for a couple days, but here I am writing something new for this lovely Friday afternoon.  It always starts out this way, and I have no idea what I’m going to enlighten you wonderful readers with today.  I want to make Fridays a weekly theme thing like I’ve done with Wednesdays.


I love writing, and I love writing about things I like.  How about Fanfiction Friday?  Maybe I’ll write a little short one-shot about a different fandom every week.  Maybe not, if I like what I wrote maybe I’ll just keep going with it.  Maybe I’ll post something later on, but it’s not something I can just come up with on the spot like this.

All the maybes.

I’m going to ignore all the moaning and groaning from all you lovely readers.  Mainly because I do what I want.  I’ll try to stay away from like NSFW writing and if it does end up with that, I will make it loud and clear well before you get to that part.  I think today, I will not do a fanfiction post, because that would be to fucking hard to come up with right now.  I will post something I wrote about a year ago cause I was bored as shit.  It is called “Tig’s Christmas.”

Tig’s Christmas

My name is Tigger; you can call me Tigs.  It is a name I don’t care much for, but that is what the 4 little humans call me.  They may be pathetic, but they are my pawns.  Soon this world will be mine.

The two tallest ones have been up all night, locked in their bedroom.  I heard the rustling of paper from time to time as I pawed at the door.  They refused to let me in.  I don’t think I want to know what they were doing in there without my knowledge.  I went in my toilet box.  They are majorly slacking with the cleaning.  Before wiping my paws on the paw mat, I took a walk on the high ledge where they prepare their food stuff.  That will teach them.

I ended up strolling over to the slotted floor where the glorious heat comes from and took a nap.  I just woke from my magnificent slumber to see a bunch of boxes under my shiny nature stick.  My skin is twitching now, I dislike change.  I will make sure this is the only new thing here.  I will climb the shiny nature stick.

Well the humans got all huffy at me when I climbed up to the top.  They must fear for my safety, but I made them aware they should fear not, for I am a cat of the highest climbing caliber.  I jumped straight off the top and landed gracefully on my feet.  That will show them to ever doubt the great Tigs.

They are preparing for the evening dinner.  I am not so sure what makes this one different from the rest.  There is much more hullabaloo about it.  They are not aware that my fecal matter crusted paws walked there just hours before.  Silly humans.

I sit in waiting, avoiding all feet at all cost.  The tablecloth waves to and fro, almost distracting me from the movement I am here to see.  A piece of meat falls to the floor from the young one.  My senses heightened, I prepare for the killing pounce.  IT IS MINE!  I sink my teeth into the warm flesh of my kill.  I receive the prize for my ultimate patience.  I got ham.

They finally removed the cursed boxes from under my nature stick.  I think they were angry earlier because I broke a shiny thing on the way up.  My stick is less shiny.  The small one throws a ball of paper that was covering the box at me.  I barely dodge out of the way before it is able to maim me.  My life flashed before my eyes.  I believe my life counter is down by one again.  This leaves me with four.

I found a box of eternal blessing on the floor while the humans were doing strange things with throwing paper everywhere.  It is a little small, but it will do.  I believe this to be the only safe place in the world.  This is my new home.


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