Catch Up On My Life

I was going to do a Writing 101 assignment today, but I really cannot do this next one.  It’s to write a character study about the most interesting person you’ve met in the last year.  Thing is, I don’t even remember specific events in the past year, let alone people that I may or may not have met.  Besides, anyone I know enough to do a character study on I have definitely known for multiple years.

There are many things that I could probably talk about with you today, and none of them are coming to me.  So I’ll just talk to you about my weekend.

This last weekend was the latest WWE pay-per-view.  My cousin has a subscription to the TV service they do, so he gets every PPV for practically nothing.  It was Night of Champions, basically a bunch of title belts on the line.  I don’t watch like the weekly shows, so I have no idea what happens in the story lines apart from what I catch on the PPVs.  Overall it was pretty damn boring this month.  There was only a couple matches that were exciting.  Most of the time I couldn’t care less and ended up watching youtube videos or chatting with people.

As for my health, I know I posted a lot about it last week, and I’ve been doing okay.  My jaw is a day by day thing, like this morning I woke up and it feels fine.  If I eat the wrong thing though (something really chewy for example), I’m sure it’ll start throbbing a bit.  The chest cold I have ended up almost going away.  Every once in a while I’ll get the urge to cough, but nothing hurts anymore so I’ve almost kicked it.

We still haven’t gone to the Renaissance Festival.  We’re going for sure on Saturday.  The only thing that’ll stop us is if there’s the apocalypse or tornadoes.  Just been really unlucky with the weather on the days we plan.  This past Sunday would’ve been horrible, it was a gross kind of rain ALL DAY.  Not a storm, just literally all day rain.

I think that’s about it for now.

> Until Next Time <


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