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Witty Words for Wednesday – Stupidity

Stupid people make me laugh.  They are the world’s way of making somewhat intelligent people feel better about themselves.  The word stupid comes from the French word stupide or the Latin stupidus.  Stupidus is from the word stupere, which means “be amazed or stunned.”  It is so amazing sometimes what certain people are capable of.  I am beside myself sometimes with what I see people doing.  Continue reading Witty Words for Wednesday – Stupidity


Witty Words for Wednesday – Cussing

(Originally written on 9-7-2014)

Cussing, swear words, and other words deemed as “Bad Words” are pointless.  Think about it.  No matter if I say “what the fuck” or “what the potato,” you are going to know I actually meant the same thing both times, right?  Words are just grunts and sounds with intention behind them.  If different sounds come out but your intention is the same, then what is the difference.  You may as well just say the “cuss” word.  How could we have different languages in the world if different sounds with the same intentions actually meant different than the original intent?