Writing 101: A Room with a View (or Just a View)

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?
Today’s twist: organize your post around the description of a setting.


It’s all I can hear, see, and smell.  The roar it makes echoes around me.  It’s all I can do not to just run and swan dive to the waters below, but that would be certain death from the rocky stalagmites just below the crystal clear glassy surface.  The sun shines at just the right angle, and a rainbow appears in the valley just outside.  If I could fly I could maybe touch it.  The water, however, rains down eternally from the heavens.  I cannot leave.  This is my prison.


Writing 101 – Day 1 Free Write

To get started, let’s loosen up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write.

And for your first twist? Publish this stream-of-consciousness post on your blog.

I ended up a little late in the Writing-101 gig.  It started Monday this week so this is what I am going to do today.  Monday’s prompt was about free-writing.  So for the next twenty minutes I will just continue to type out whatever garbage floats through my brain.  I apologize in advance.  No, I really do apologize.  x__x

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Witty Words for Wednesday – Cussing

(Originally written on 9-7-2014)

Cussing, swear words, and other words deemed as “Bad Words” are pointless.  Think about it.  No matter if I say “what the fuck” or “what the potato,” you are going to know I actually meant the same thing both times, right?  Words are just grunts and sounds with intention behind them.  If different sounds come out but your intention is the same, then what is the difference.  You may as well just say the “cuss” word.  How could we have different languages in the world if different sounds with the same intentions actually meant different than the original intent?


(Originally written on 9-1-2014)

Well today is the start of a new month.  I am kind of excited to see what I can accomplish for myself.  School starts back up at the end of this month.  I have been feeling very tired lately and I’m not quite sure why.  Not exhausted tired but sleepy tired.  I feel consistency is important in journal keeping even if I am too tired to think of a good topic to write about.  Also, just discovered a huge dent on the front of my shin.  Really strange and no idea where it is from.
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All the Worry.

(Originally written on 8-30-2014)

Sometimes bad things happen, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  So why worry about things that cannot be changed.  You don’t have to like it, just accept that it happened and move on.  Most of the time that’s the only way we can stay sane.  Nobody knows how long their life is going to be – it could be just a moment or it could be over a hundred years.  You have to enjoy every moment you get because not everybody got the number you did.  Even if there is stuff worth worrying about in your life, if there is no changing things then why kill yourself with worry about it?

In that case, there is no end to that feeling until you choose to end it.
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This is a post.

Well this is new.  I rarely ever actually want to do some sort of blogging crap.  I bought a composition book about a month ago but since it cramps my hand too much to write but not to type (heh), I decided that doing this would be better.  I just want a place to be able to express all the the random awesome shit that goes through my head.  I will just type up my first few blogs in my notebook as my first few posts.

Some things you can expect to see in this blog:

  • My wisdom.
  • My awesomeness.
  • Shit that I’m totally a fan of and ships (which may include shit that you’re offended by if you’re the offend-able type)
    • If you are, you really should reconsider your choice to read this.  I am not a very nice agreeable politically correct  person.
  • Seriously though.  This is my blog.  This is a place for me to speak my mind.  If you don’t like it, too bad.